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Cloud data centers will process 94% of workloads by 2021

Disaster Recovery for Azure

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Cloud Application Backup for Azure 

Reduce the costs of expensive software, hardware, and license fees with Pivotalogic’s Disaster Recovery Services in the cloud.


Within Azure VM environments, simply replicate to an on-premise backup server and an additional copy to an alternative cloud platform that can be used in times of disaster. Unlimited testing and simple push-button failover with a 15-minute RTO. 



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Keep your employees productive. Simply and easily backup and recover your data for all user devices in your company.  


Direct-to-cloud backup and recovery solution for mobile devices, laptops, or remote offices protects you from Ransomware, device failure or user error of accidentally deleted files.

Cloud Application


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Employee productivity is top-of-mind for technology leaders to ensure their business stays competitive while working remotely or from the office.


Protect Office 365, Google G-Suite, Salesforce, and data from accidental deletions, malicious attacks, and limited retention policies.

Deciding to move to the cloud has many benefits. A cloud solution allows you to shift one-time (Capex) costs to monthly (Opex) costs, increase productivity for remote users, and provide a scalable, agile, and secure environment to spin up resources quickly as business demands increase. The cloud also makes enterprise solutions affordable for all types and sizes of organizations with smaller budgets.

Pivotalogic Cloud Services provides a secure and efficient platform to run your applications along with your onsite resources.  With 30 years of technology experience, we can help you balance the migration and integration worries in moving to the cloud through our simple and proven process.

Proactive Application & Network Monitoring

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As more organizations adopt SAAS and cloud-first strategies, the need to deliver application performance and uptime is key to keeping employees productive.


Gain increased visibility into your user's journey with Pivotalogic’s cloud-based Application and Network monitoring solution.

Data Security

Securing your connections and only allowing certain ports and users access to your mission-critical applications can be challenging.


Pivotalogic experts will help build secure access (VPN) connections to your organization and your cloud-based applications.


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Is data growth outpacing your budget? No need to purchase expensive on-premise SAN with storage arrays and fiber channel for increased storage needs.


Data is growing at a rapid pace and having a scalable, secure, and cost-effective cloud storage solution can offer the flexibility and competitive advantage your organization needs.

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