Current Cloud Strategies Are Not Working

of Cloud Spend is

Organizations are struggling to optimize cloud spend due to poor cloud spending management, utilization and reporting.

of Projects Not Completed On-Time

Complexity is causing migration delays and exceeding initial budgets - hindering growth and innovation.

Cloud Skill Shortage

Recruiting & retaining cloud talent is hard, sometimes impossible due to a 500K skill-shortage of cloud professionals in the industry.

The cloud industry has an effectiveness problem. Organizations seek to move more and more workloads to the cloud every year—yet, for the fifth year in a row, optimizing the existing use of cloud, and solving for slow, over budget and short staffed projects are the top initiatives for the year ahead.


The increase in moving more workloads to the cloud without addressing these challenges has created a situation where costs have gotten out of control and innovation is being stifled. To prevent this, the industry needs to adopt a new approach by focusing on cloud operations. That’s where Pivotalogic can help.



Using the Pivotalogic Platform™, We Make IT Simple™ by providing Cloud Operations as a service, delivered by our highly trained TechOps Experts™

Our TechOps Team™ works as an extension of yours to migrate and manage workloads, ensure proper storage capacity, secure connectivity, data backup & recovery, as well as strategic guidance and optimization to help you scale over time

Utilize your existing Technology, no need to overhaul your current tech stack or buy expensive hardware, software and support resources

See your entire cloud environment on our real-time cloud dashboard

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Cloud Services Built On The Pivotalogic Platform™

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Host Virtual Machines

We build, manage, and optimize secure, compliance-ready cloud solutions for you

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Durable, highly available, and massively scalable cloud storage built for growth 

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Secure Connectivity

Lightning-fast VPN connectivity with best in class encryption for maximum protection

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Data Backup & Recovery

Push-button failover so that you can get back to business in minutes

Delivered By Your Dedicated Cloud Techops™ Team

24x7 Continuous


Working around the clock to triage incidents in your environment, and alert you to anything anomalous – by phone or email whenever you need them.

Named Cloud Expert

We pair you directly with our cloud operations experts. We work with you on a daily basis to operate as – or an extension of – your existing cloud team.

Strategic Guidance

Deep cloud operations expertise combined with a unique understanding of your environment helps you build on your cloud strategy to help you scale over time


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