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We're ready to put our 30 years of experience and 200+ successful projects to use for you

We are given two ears and one mouth. Using them in proportion is the key to our success. We cannot help our clients until we have listened long enough to understand where they are and where they want to go.

After listening, we are ready to apply our 30 years of IT consulting experience to help you accelerate your organization's growth through technology transformation.

As your trusted advisor, we use our proven "Keep IT Simple & Secure" process by understanding where you are in your transformation journey and where you want to go. Working with experts will help you move with purpose & confidence to get the right results more quickly. Talk to us, we're ready to listen!



Your biggest security risk is not having an understanding of your gaps and vulnerabilities and how they could impact your organization.

Pivotalogic offers a Comprehensive Security Risk Assessment to:

  • Security Risk Assessments

  • Penetration Testing Services

Data Protection


Keeping your organization running and your data safe should be one of your top priorities in running a successful operation.


Pivotalogic can help you identify gaps in your organization's continuity and disaster recovery plans. We keep your employees productive and your data safe when the unexpected happens.

Pivotalogic offers the following Data Protection Assessments:

  • Organization Continuity Assessment

  • Data Backup & Recovery Assessment

  • Disaster Recovery Assessment

Productivity Consulting

Employee and organization productivity is top of mind for all organizations especially with the dramatic shift to remote working.


More people are working remotely and accessing SAAS and cloud applications than ever. We take the risk out of working from home, moving to the cloud, or your next organization transformation project.

Pivotalogic offers the following Data Protection Assessments:


  • Remote Worker Risk Assessment

  • Cloud Readiness Assessment 

  • Organization Transformation Assessment 

  • Data Center Consolidation Assessment

Network Consulting

Getting the most out of your network can save you time & money and ensure a positive end-user experience.


We do a full Network Optimization Assessment to look at your network design and analyze your user requirements and what applications you need access to. We then identify ways to optimize the architecture and ensure your users stay productive.

IT Projects

Many IT departments are expected to do more with less. Lack of IT resources results in projects not getting completed on time and on budget. This can have a major impact on your ability to deliver IT services that meet your organization's drivers.


Pivotalogic's expert engineers and project managers have over 15 years of experience in working with teams to implement successful solutions on time and under budget.

Pivotalogic offers the following IT Project Resources:

  • IT Resource Engineer Services

  • Project Management Services



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