Humans are the greatest cybersecurity risk

Breaches Caused by Humans

95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error


Recruiting and retaining cloud & cybersecurity talent is hard, sometimes impossible due to a 1.5 million shortage of security professionals in the industry.

Spent On

$120B spent on cybersecurity products annually with 3,000+ vendors in the industry

The cybersecurity industry has an effectiveness problem. New technologies, vendors, and solutions emerge every year—yet, we still see headlines filled with high-profile breaches. Many attacks occur – not because a product failed to raise an alert – they fail because the alert was missed or was not acted on. To prevent these attacks, the industry needs to adopt a new approach by focusing on security operations. That’s where Pivotalogic can help.


Using the Pivotalogic Platform™, We Make IT Simple™ by providing Security Operations as a service, delivered by our highly trained TechOps Experts™

Our TechOps Team™ works as an extension of yours to provide 24x7 monitoring, detection, response, recovery, and prevention of all cyber threats as well as ongoing strategic advice and risk management

Utilize your existing Technology, no need to overhaul your current tech stack or buy expensive hardware, software and support resources

See your entire security environment on our real-time security dashboard

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Security Services Built On The Pivotalogic Platform™

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Managed Detection & Response

Quickly detect, respond, and recover from advanced threats

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Managed Risk

Discover, benchmark, and harden your environment against vulnerabilities

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Managed Cloud Monitoring

Identify, monitor and simplify the security of cloud infrastructure and services

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Security Awareness Training

Equip your employees to make smarter security decisions, every day

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Email Security Protection

Block threats by scanning all inbound and outbound emails

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Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

Discover and quantify information security risk

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Security Program Development

Drive continuous improvement tailored to the specific needs of your organization

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Incident Response Planning

Minimize attack effectiveness, contain damage, and identify root cause

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Advisory Services

Experts hunt down the threats of today while preparing you for tomorrow

Delivered By Your Dedicated Security Techops™ Team

24x7 Continuous


Working around the clock to triage incidents in your environment, and alert you to anything anomalous – by phone or email whenever you need them.

Named Security Expert

We pair you directly with our security operations experts. We work with you on a daily basis to operate as – or an extension of – your existing security team.

Strategic Guidance

Deep security operations expertise combined with a unique understanding of your environment helps you build on your security strategy to strengthen your posture over time.


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