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Highly ranked public K-12 school was looking for a way to upgrade their infrastructure to a more scalable solution to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the teaching and learning experience. Security was also a top concern to protect valuable systems, student & teacher information, hardware, software and accounts from vulnerabilities and threats.


Pivotalogic worked closely with the client to determine hardware and network criteria to achieve optimal student learning, device functionality, software compatibility, cost, durability, device support, and security needs.

Then, leveraging Pivotalogic's Cloud-as-a-Service, the client migrated its on-premise core infrastructure applications to a more cost-effective, scalable, and secure platform on Azure Cloud.


For extra protection and availability, the solution includes data backup and additional off-site cloud recovery to another cloud datacenter.  A trailblazer in this regard, being one of the first schools to do a cloud to cloud backup-up and recovery.


The solution also includes 24x7x365 proactive monitoring for applications, networks, and rapid troubleshooting to ensure the client's environment is operating at peak performance.


The client's powerful, scalable, and secure environment provides students, staff and parents a delightful experience to achieve learning objectives.