Foundational and Comprehensive Information Security Risk Assessment

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Physical Controls are the security controls that can often be touched and provide physical security to protect your information assets.

Administrative Controls form the framework for managing an effective security program and they are sometimes referred to as the “human” part of security.

Internal Technical Controls are the controls that are technical in nature and used within your organization's technical domain (inside the gateways or firewalls).

External Technical Controls are technical in nature and are used to protect outside access to your organization's technical domain

Pivotalogic's information security risk assessment is designed to find the measurable baseline for your security posture and prioritize remediation efforts of your organization's most impactful actions. A security assessment is a great way to keep a pulse on your security posture and is always the first step to building a functioning, measurable security strategy.

Simply Communicate
Security Risk

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Easily identify security program gaps and prioritize investment​

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Communicate security posture inward, upward, and outward with our easy to understand Security Risk Score that ranges from 300-850

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Enable stakeholders to speak the same language to effectively prioritize the mitigation of the most urgent, realistic, and potential security threats

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​Understand your current security posture, where you want to be, and how to get there​

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​Satisfy regulators and insurance underwriters with comprehensive reports

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"We recently finished an assessment with Pivotalogic. It was a great experience that delivered on everything they said it would. I highly recommend doing a risk assessment with Pivotalogic"

- Jeff, CEO

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