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15+ years of experience and knowledge on your side for a fraction of the cost

15+ Years of Experience in the trenches

Trusted by leading organizations

Fraction of the cost of a full-time Excutive

Organizations are challenged with keeping pace with innovative technology, market research, decision-making processes, and implementing IT projects which all take valuable time, money and resources.

Having a trusted strategic leader (CIO) that understands the importance of how people, processes, and technology all work together is critical for the success of any organization. The challenge is that not all organizations can afford an expensive and experienced CIO, making it difficult to align technology with your organization's goals. This results in slow technology adoption, lost business, poor security posture, and stagnant growth.

Pivotalogic's vCIO offers all of the knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost of a Full-Time Executive (FTE). We are your trusted advisor to work with your executive team to align your organization's goals with innovative technology. We will work with you to come up with a budget that works for your organization and delivers the results to make your stakeholders happy. Our technology experts have an average of 15 + years of experience in implementing innovative technology solutions.

vCIO Services

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vCIO Initiatives/tasks:

  • Aligning objectives to technology assets

  • Formulate a strategic IT plan

  • Analyze processes to facilitate changes to technology

  • Infrastructure & Application Dependency mapping

  • IT Project Prioritization & Management

  • Research and Recommendations

  • Alignment of current IT staffing

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