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Who We Are

Cybersecurity experts on a mission to secure growing organizations in the most simple, comprehensive and affordable way possible

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Our story

Philip Geier started Pivotalogic in 2014 when he realized growing organizations struggle to protect themselves due to being overwhelmed by the many facets of information security and lack of resources.


As the founder of Pivotalogic, Phil set out on a journey to Make Security Simple for one organization at a time by creating an all-in-one security solution, powered by expert guidance to get proven results over and over again.

Since then, Pivotalogic has grown into an industry leader, helping hundreds of customers assess, address, and improve their information security posture.


"Philly G" is known for his love of serving others which dates back to his time owning Tooley's restaurant in downtown Minneapolis in the 80's.


What makes us different?

Servant Leaders

We believe it is greater to give than to receive. We live this out every day by giving back and serving anyone we can, wherever we can.

Charities we support:

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Learners & Innovators

We focus on cutting-edge technology and ongoing security training for all of our employees to stay a step ahead of constantly evolving threats to secure our customer's business today and in the future.

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We are family-owned and our customers are treated like family through a positive, uplifting experience that exceeds their expectations.

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Want to join our team?

We're always looking for gifted people.

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