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Security Risk Assessment

Discover, quantify and easily prioritize your information security risk with our comprehensive security risk assessment.

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Identify gaps and vulnerabilities

Through a process of documentation, observation, interviews, and technical testing, our highly trained experts will thoroughly investigate 300+ security controls across physical, administrative, internal, and external technical controls.



Easily understand your risk with our security risk score reporting

Once the discovery process is complete, our security experts will evaluate and assign a risk rating to each control based on its maturity, likelihood of an adverse event, and the potential impact on your organization.

We'll also generate easy-to-understand reports tailored to different audiences in your organization so they are aware of their role in mitigating them, as well as satisfying regulators, auditors, and cybersecurity insurance underwriters.

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Prioritize and remediate your risks in the most efficient and effective way

Our security experts will take everything they've discovered and quantified about your risks to build a security roadmap designed to your exact needs.


The roadmap is a detailed plan of action on what to do with each risk, who should be responsible for it, and when it should be done. This methodical approach ensures that your valuable resources are used on what is going to mitigate your risk the most.

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You're in good company

We're grateful to help organizations around the world


Cindy, CEO

"I'm glad we found a significant vulnerability to demonstrate we need to focus more on security."


Jeff, CEO

"We recently finished an assessment with Pivotalogic. It was a great experience that delivered on everything they said it would."

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Patty, IT Director

"I have been thoroughly impressed with the service and quick communication presented to my organization by the Pivotalogic team."

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Ready to find your security risk score?

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