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Third Party Risk Management

Third-Party Risk Management involves the process of evaluating and minimizing threats associated with the use of third-party service providers and vendors. Using third-party agents can bring with it certain digital risks, including security, reputational, and financial risks, among others. At Pivotalogic, we are your source for comprehensive vendor risk management services to reduce your risk posture and strengthen your business security across all levels.

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Managed Risk Services

We offer managed risk services that enable you to bolster your security environment against various types of threats to your organization. Through our services, we can help you quickly identify and categorize your assets, software, and accounts according to their risk status. We help you gain an understanding of your current IT and digital risk position, discover gaps in your current security posture, and implement best practices to mitigate these risks.


Third Party Risk Management Services

Our state-of-the-art third-party risk management services help prepare your organization to have a strong defensive posture against all third-party risks. We keep everything organized under one umbrella, helping you to prioritize the use of vendors according to their risk profiles. Based on best practice risk scoring methods, we can help you establish your vendor risk management posture in accordance with industry regulations and standards.

Our team helps you defend against any risks caused by third-party service providers, customers, regulators, and lawyers, if a breach in your security occurs.

Employee Risk Management Services

Through the use of our employee assessment tool, you can gain an understanding of what is lacking in your employees’ security knowledge and behaviors. You can easily compile data anonymously on the risk your employees pose with their current security practices and make effective changes through education and training. Our risk management services for employees can help you keep track of and improve your security practices over time on an organizational-wide basis.

Contact Us for a Vendor Security Assessment

For more information about our third-party risk management services, or to request a vendor security assessment, send us a message through our contact form.

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