3 Ways Microsoft Teams Changed Our Business

Roughly 6 months ago when schools started to close we had many employees that needed to start working from home to teach and take care of their children. The first couple of weeks were rough, we like to call it the learning phase. We needed to find a platform that we could use to keep communication and productivity at the level we had grown accustomed to. So, we set out to find a technology or platform that would solve the challenge of the ever-changing workforce. The clear winner was Microsoft 365 and Teams!

Fifty-four percent of HR leaders indicate that poor technology and/or infrastructure for remote working is the biggest barrier to effectively working from home during COVID-19. (Source: Gartner)

Before Teams, we had been struggling with how to effectively hold virtual meetings, securely share files, and staying on top of daily tasks for ongoing projects. The power of Microsoft 365 and Teams has improved the way our company operates on a day-to-day basis helping us better serve our employees and clients working from anywhere.

3 Ways Microsoft Teams Changed Our Business

1. Accessibility using a desktop, tablet, or mobile device you can access Teams. This makes meeting from anywhere possible. For spontaneous meetings, we use the chat feature to find a time that works for everyone. From there scheduling a meeting with video conference and send out invites to the team integrated through our outlook calendar. With only one-click to join the meeting, we are able to experience the power of a meeting on Teams. With the ability to securely share files, chat, screen share, and set reminders we have productive and efficient meetings with a plan to dominate the day.

2. file-sharing. Being able to store, share, and edit files within Teams with built-in access to SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, and productivity apps. Makes file sharing a breeze!

Microsoft Invests over $1 billion annually on security! (Source: Microsoft)

3. Integration with Microsoft 365: As an organization, it is extremely important to give your employees the tools (applications) needed to do their jobs. Microsoft 365 and Teams provides one central hub for our tools (applications), creating greater collaboration and synergy throughout the organization. Within the Microsoft 365 suite, we have access to 30 different applications along with many 3rd party applications that have helped our company reach new heights.