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Putting Risk into Context  

Learn how to measure your security risk and improve your security posture in the most comprehensive and affordable way

  • Easily identify security program gaps and prioritize investment

  • Enable stakeholders to speak the same language to effectively prioritize the mitigation of the most urgent, realistic and potential security threats

  • Understand your current security posture, where you want to be, and how to get there

  • Satisfy regulators and cybersecurity insurance underwriters with comprehensive reports

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Philip Geier, CEO & vCISO

at Pivotalogic

With over 30 years in the IT trenches and 200 successful projects, Philip is on a mission to make security simple for organizations. His work across nearly every industry has made him the go-to authority in all matters information security. 

Ryan Cloutier, President at SecurityStudio

Prolific keynote speaker, principal security consultant and CISSP, Ryan has performed expert level work for Fortune 500 companies in Financial, Healthcare and Agricultural sectors, as well as K-12 and SLED. He is pioneering how security risk is assessed and mitigated.

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