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How to Increase your IT Project Success Rate

For the last couple of months, the servers have been on the fritz, and you have put off replacing them for far too long. You arrive at work on Monday morning to tackle the issue with your server. Do you replace it with another new server, or begin to explore alternative options? Either way, where do you begin?

So you Google and scour previous "best-on-the-market" email offers, call your current service provider, along with a couple of IT providers. However, it leads to even more confusion as to what your next steps should be. After all, with the magnitude of new products, features, benefits, and information on how to purchase, and how to implement, you're still stuck. UGH.

  • When it comes to IT project success rates, 71% are considered failures, and 19% are considered utter failures. Yikes!

(2019 LinkedIn Global Report)

3 Steps to Improving Your IT Project Success Rate

Pivotalogic's proven process will allow you to simplify your IT project, getting the results you're looking for to deliver the services you need. This allows you to effectively service your employees, partners, and customers. Regardless of where you're at in your IT project, our Solution Delivery Framework (SDF) will help you deliver the outcomes you're looking for; guaranteed!

High-Level Overview of SDF Framework-

  1. Plan IT: This is the groundwork for the success of your IT project. Identify what business outcomes your company wants at the end of the project. Make sure to plan for the future, and, if done right, you can use this to gain a competitive advantage over your competition.

  2. Build IT: Don't Get Sold in this phase. Instead, refer back to the proper solution/product, determined in the previous Plan IT phase, that maps back to your requirements and business outcomes. Confidently move forward in your purchase.

  3. Manage IT: Make sure you have a clear path and understanding of how to seamlessly implement and support the new technology. This is a place where, if you're not careful, you can incur unexpected costs.

"The answer isn't the product or service! Let me emphasize this point: it's about mapping the technology to the business' needs and desired outcomes." Philip Geier
Pivotalogic, CIO


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