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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

A cybersecurity risk assessment evaluates an organization’s ability to keep its information and systems secure and protected from cyber threats. This type of assessment identifies, analyzes, and evaluates risk postures across an organization. It also helps organizations establish and regulate cybersecurity controls that are necessary to protect against cyber threats. The lack of a risk assessment in the realm of cybersecurity can result in lost effort, time, and resources. At Pivotalogic, we offer cyber risk assessment and security services to help protect your business from all cyber threats, whether external or internal.

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Our Cyber Security Assessment Services

Our team helps you discover, measure, and establish your IT security risk through our comprehensive security risk assessment services. Our cybersecurity solution combined with professional cyber support and guidance help you evaluate and apply solutions as needed to enhance your security posture over time.


At every stage of business and organizational growth, we help you optimize your security, which includes quick detection, response, and recovery from various types of cyber threats and attacks.

Through risk assessment, cybersecurity can be enhanced effectively. Our team can help you understand your security posture on a continuous basis with our 24/7 monitoring, comprehensive visibility, and state-of-the-art threat detection. We help you contain threats before they can cause damage to your organization.

When cyber incidents do occur, we help you with managed investigation and effective response. Our team can help you implement workflows and organization rules that strengthen your security posture against current and future threats and attacks.

Contact Us for a Cyber Security Risk Assessment

To learn more about our cyber security assessment services, or to request a cybersecurity assessment, use our contact form.

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