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Industry-leading cybersecurity knowledge and experience on your side for a fraction of the cost

15+ Years of Experience in the trenches

Trusted by leading organizations

Fraction of the cost of a full-time Excutive

Pivotalogic's Virtual CISO (vCISO) service makes industry-leading expertise available to organizations of all sizes. Serving as an extension of your team, your vCISO will either start your information security program from scratch or build upon what you already have. Assessing where you are today is essential for identifying your organization's risks and vulnerabilities that have the biggest impact on your organization.

Your vCISO then addresses your risks by reviewing your existing or future Security Risk Assessment and working with leadership to gain insight into organizational objectives, budget, and internal capacity. Your vCISO then develops a strategic roadmap to reduce your risk in the most effective and efficient way possible. Lastly, your vCISO reports on improvement over time through our Security Risk Score and then repeat the process; continually assessing new risks, addressing them with your team's input, and making improvements to ensure you are never caught off guard and always ahead of evolving threats.

What you Get from a

Pivotalogic Virtual CISO

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Information security program leadership

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Access to a team of highly skilled security professionals

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Roadmap Creation and Ongoing Guidance

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Initial and Ongoing Security Risk Assessments

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Independent third party perspective

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Flexible and scalable resource available at a moments notice

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Help your organization meet compliance

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Documentation development (Incident Response Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan)

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Security Risk Score (SRS) reporting that tracks your organizations information security progress overtime

Our Proven Process

Assessing where you are today is essential for identifying the risks and vulnerabilities that have the biggest impact on your organization.

See the improvement. Your Virtual CISO reports on progress over time through our Security Risk Score.

Knowing your organization's security gaps, objectives, budget, and internal capacity. We systematically address the highest priority vulnerabilities to your organization.

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Virtual CISO FAQs

How does a Pivotalogic Virtual CISO client engagement work?

Every Pivotalogic Virtual CISO engagement follows our simple and proven process, the Pivotalogic Continuous Improvement Model (PCIM).

Step 1:

Assess – Knowing where you are today is essential for identifying the risks and vulnerabilities that have the biggest impact on your organization. In this phase your Virtual CISO will conduct a risk assessment and get acclimated to your organization. This will help them to understand the business objectives, information security budget, internal resources, and critical business functions. This time gives the Virtual CISO a great foundation to start when developing your information security roadmap.

Step 2:

Address – This is where the rubber meets the road. Based on findings and observations from assessing your organization your virtual CISO has now developed a detailed roadmap of what gaps and vulnerabilities need to be addressed right now, what can be done at a later date, who will do the work, and when the work will start and when it will be completed.

Step 3:

Improve – See the fruits of your labor, your Virtual CISO creates reports of the progress that has been made. This progress is quantified by our easy to understand Security Risk Score (SRS). This score now can be shared with C-suite executives to report on the progress, show the return on investment (ROI), and gain buy in for future information security improvements.

What is a Virtual CISO?

A Virtual CISO is a security practitioner who uses the culmination of 15+ years of cybersecurity and industry experience to help organizations with developing and managing the implementation of the organization's information security program.

How much does a Virtual CISO cost?

The cost of a virtual CISO ranges vastly and is heavily dependent on the workload required and the level of involvement your organization desires. Smaller engagements can be as low as $12,000 a year and larger more complex engagements can reach over $100,000 a year. Fill out the form above to get a price quote specific to your organization!

Is Virtual CISO a technical role?

A Virtual CISO is typically a skilled leader with a strong understanding of information technology and security, who can communicate complicated security concepts to both technical and nontechnical employees and C-suite executives. It is important to remember that a Virtual CISO is the person who provides the information security strategy for the organization. Pivotalogic Virtual CISO’s have a handful of technical resources that are utilized on a tactical level to achieve their high level strategic objectives.

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What Our Virtual CISO Clients are Saying

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"Pivotalogic is our Virtual CISO and has guided our security journey for the School District. Pivotalogic's extensive experience & expertise in Information Technology, Cybersecurity, and management alignment has allowed us to dramatically improve our security posture through their continuous improvement model."

-Cory  | MN Public School Information Technology Director

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